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Board of Directors and Honorary Committee

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The Library of Political Thought:

Published books:

  • Otfried Höffe The Ethics of State and Law, 1992
  • Jacques Maritain A Man and the State, 1993
  • Can history be cancelled? (a collective work edited by Bronislaw Lagowski), 1993
  • Ryszard Legutko Controversies over Capitalism, 1994
  • Wolfgang Böckendförde Freedom -The State - The Church, 1994
  • Zbigniew Stawrowski State and Law in Hegel's philosophy, 1994
  • Thomas Pangle Ennobling Democracy,1994
  • Czeslaw Porebski The Swiss, for instance, 1994
  • Eric Voegelin The People of God, 1994
  • Lord Acton The History of Freedom, 1995
  • Urs Altermatt Catholicism and the Modern World, 1995
  • Chantal Millon-Delsol The Principle of Subsidiarity
  • Stephen Macedo Liberal Virtues, 1995
  • Bogdan Szlachta The Order - The Church - The Nation, 1996
  • Nikolaus Lobkowicz The Time of Crisis, the Time of Change, 1996
  • Wojciech Buchner Kant : the State and the Law, 1996
  • Ryszard Legutko Tolerance. The Question of a Strict state, the Law of Nature, Love and Conscience, 1997
  • Urs Altermatt Sarajevo is warning, 1998
  • Michael Novak Free People and the Common Good, 1998
  • Piotr Bartula Capital Punishment: a Recurring Dilemma, 1998
  • Beata Polanowska-Sygulska Isaiah Berlin's Philosophy of Freedom, 1998
  • Does Poland have its own doctrine of integration with Europe? (a collective work), 1998
  • Czeslaw Porebski Social Contract: the Renaissance of Idea, 1999
  • Milowit Kuninski Knowledge, Ethics and Politics in F. A. von Hayek's Thought, 1999
  • From Communism to...? Where is the Third Republic of Poland Heading For? (a collection of essays, among authors: Milowit Kuninski, Ryszard Legutko, Marek Bankowicz, Antoni Kaminski, Zdzislaw Najder, Jacek Kloczkowski, Agnieszka Magdziak-Miszewska), 1999
  • Otfried Höffe Political Justice (Politische Gerechtigkeit. Grundlegung einer kritischen Philosophie von Recht und Staat), 1999
  • Czeslaw Porebski, On Europe and the Europeans, 2000
  • In Defence of the Common Sense, ed. by Marek A. Cichocki i Tomasz Merta, 2000
  • Bronislaw Wildstein, Decommunisation, which has never been, 2000
  • Bogdan Szlachta, Polish Conservatives and Constitutional Issues, 2000
  • Wlodzimierz Baczkowski, Polish Problems with Eastern Europe and Russia, 2000

Studies and Analyses

Published books (all in Polish)

  • Nations and History, ed. by Arkady Rzegocki, 2000
  • European Integration, ed. by Milowit Kuninski, 2000
  • Poland and Poles Living in the former USSR. Looking for the Model of Policy, ed. by Tomasz G1sowski, 2000
  • The State as a Challenge, ed. by Arkady Rzegocki, 2000
  • Anti-Communism after Communism, ed. by Jacek Kloczkowski, 2000

The Library of the Classics of Polish Political Thought

Published books (all in Polish)

  • Stanislaw Tarnowski, Political Writers of the XVIth Century, ed. by Bogdan Szlachta, 2000
  • Pawel Popiel, The Disease of the Century. A Collection of Essays, ed. by Jacek Kloczkowski, 2000

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Centre for Political Thought (CPT) together with the Institute of Political Studies PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences) publishes a periodical CIVITAS. STUDIES IN PHILOSOPHY OF POLITICS on political philosophy and theory of political systems. Until now, three issues came out (Constitution, Democracy, The State and the Church).

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