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Board of Directors and Honorary Committee

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Educational and Research Activities

Summer and winter schools:

The Centre for Political Thought organises Summer Schools for the higher school students from the whole Poland. Until now, the following schools were organised:

The theories of justice
(Szymbark, 1993)

Ethical foundations of politics
(Trzemesnia, 1994)

The Polish-Czech relations
(Cieszyn, 1995)

Objectives of the Polish State: The Reasons of State
(Nowy Sacz, 1996)

International Relations and Constitution
(Nawojowa, 1997)


The Centre for Political Thought and the Tertio Millennio Institute organise Winter Schools on the social teaching of the Catholic Church. The participants are seminarists of the theological seminaries from the whole Poland and university students (approximately 50 people). The schools' director is Father Dr Maciej Zieba OP. These schools are organised under the auspices of the archbishop Józef Zycinski. So far, nine Winter Schools were carried out (Pasierbiec 1992, Pasierbiec 1993, Pasierbiec 1994, Wroclaw 1995, Wroclaw 1996, Jaroslaw 1997, Jaroslaw 1998, Jaroslaw 1999, Jaroslaw 2000).


Seminars for students and teachers:

Starting in 1992 there were seminars organised each year. So far we have organised a series of seminars:

St Thomas Aquinas' theory of justice
Cracow 1992

John Rawls' theory of justice
Cracow 1993

The main currents and problems of political philosophy
Cracow 1993-1994

Philosophical foundations of democracy
Cracow 1994-1995

Education for democracy
Cracow 1997-1998

Between Germany and Russia
Cracow 1997-1998

Nations and history
Cracow, Rzeszów 1999

European Integration (academic course)
Cracow, 1999

Bases of Knowledge about State (academic course)
Krakow 2000

Democracy - Ideas, Dilemmas, Practice (academic course)
Krakow 2001

State - Law - Economy (academic course)
Krakow 2002

The Political Philosophy of Aristotle (academic course)
Krakow 2002-2004

Polish Intellectual Legacy (academic course)
Krakow 2000-2004

Polish Democracy and Totalitarian Heritage (academic course)
Krakow 2004

The lecturers and moderators during schools and seminars are scholars from the whole Poland, ex- and present high rank civil servants, members of parliament of the Polish Republic (Diet and Senate), municipal workers and political commentators.


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