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Poland and Poles living in the former USSR.
Looking for the model of policy


The program is carried out under the auspices of Prof. Alicja Grześkowiak, the Marshall (President) of the Polish Senate.

The project message

The political changes started in 1998 created a possibility for the institutions of Poland to give attention to Poles living in the former USSR. Unfortunately, as it seems, throughout the last years we have failed to find a rational conception of policy towards our fellow countrymen. The answers to many fundamental questions have not been found (for instance, the problem of repatriation of Poles or ways of bringing help to them in their present homes).

This situation is distressing from the point of view of the Polish State interest, and at the same time it is embarrassing when we realise how intensive our Western politics is. And still, the experience of some countries proves that a rational policy towards Polish Diaspora in the former USSR not only can be found, but it can also be carried out.

CPT focused on this problem many times. The project Between Germany and Russia that has been run since 1996 is a good example. Also, the CPT members and co-workers were dealing with the situation of Polish people behind the eastern border in their research projects.

The past experience has motivated us to try to raise this multifaceted problem. The result was the idea of the project Poland and Poles living in the former USSR. Looking for the model of policy. We defined its two goals. Firstly, in the process of wide discussion we want to define the objectives for the Polish policy towards our fellow countrymen living in the former USSR. Secondly, in the planned book we are going to assess a "balance of achievements and failures" of Polish research on the history and present day of our Diaspora in the former USSR.

The Project Council:
senator Franciszek Bachleda-Ksiedzulorz, Agnieszka Bogucka, prof. AnDr.zej Chwalba, prof. Bohdan Cywinski, Father Prof. Roman Dzwonkowski, Prof. Tomasz Gasowski, Prof. Krystyna Kersten, Dr. Antoni Kuczynski, Krystyna Lachowicz, Dr.. Agnieszka Magdziak-Miszewska, Prof. Jerzy Pietrzak, Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski, senator Janina Sagatowska, Prof. AnDrzej Stelmachowski, Father Prof. Edward Walewander, Henryk Wozniakowski, Prof. AnDrzej Zakrzewski.

Elements of the project

  • the conference Poles living in the former USSR. Historical perspective and ideological dilemma, Kazimierz nad Wisla, June 1998
  • the workshop Guarantees for the respect of rights of the Polish minority in Eastern Europe, Cracow, November 1998
  • the conference Poles living in the former USSR and the promotion of Polish culture in the former USSR, Cracow, December 1998 (the conference could be held thanks to the support of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture and Art., minister Slawomir Ratajski)
  • the press program (the director of this program is Krystyna Lachowicz, the vice-president of the Foundation "Help for the Poles in the East")


  • workshop The Polish educational system in the former USSR. Its role, its condition and prospects
  • workshop Religious problems of the Polish people in the former USSR
  • the conference Poles living in the former USSR - ten years after regaining independence by Poland
  • press program - continuation


  • publication of an anthology of articles written under the project in 1998 and 1999

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