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Program of the conference

Solidarity of Nations. Europe in the Coming Century

Gniezno, 28 April 2000

Inauguration of the conference

prof. Ryszard Legutko, President of Centre for Political Thought

Kazimierz M. Ujazdowski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Solidarity of Nation. Europe in the Coming Century


Session I: Culture identity of united Europe

(introductory remarks of  representatives Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Poland)

·         Bp Dominik Duka

·         prof. Robert Leicht

·         prof. Miroslav Kusý

·         prof. Tamás Molnár

·         prof. Anna Wolff-Powęska

·         prof. Karol Tarnowski

-          discussion


Session II: Social solidarity, political solidarity. New quality in the united Europe

·         Introductory lecture - prof. Jerzy Kłoczowski;

·         Pronouncements:

Prime Minister of Czech Republic Miloš Zeman

Federal Chancellor of Federal Republic of German Gerhard Schroeder

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán

Prime Minister of Slovak Republic Mikulaš Dzurida

Prime Minister of Poland Jerzy Buzek

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